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Welcome to the Reimagine Selling Learning Center. My goal is to remind you of things you already know … get you thinking about things you haven’t thought about … and introduce you to the differences between high and low-ticket selling. Enjoy!

“Beating A Dead Horse”

Somewhere around 1859 an idiom was born. Someone, somewhere close to horse racing, asked their jockey why they were “Beating A Dead Horse”. Of course, they were referring to beating the horse to get it to go faster. The horse was tired, and no amount…


Ankura, Ancor, Or Something Else?

The ancient Greeks called it “Ankura”. The English used the term “Ancor”. You’ve probably come to know the word as “Anchor”. The Greeks made anchors by filling baskets with stones and dropping them overboard. The English used heavy metal objects to hold their ships in place. But, as with everything else, anchors evolved.