Sell a Better Life,
Not Just a House

Imagine selling a home based on your customer’s everyday life and how they live … rather than just selling a house.

Reimagine the Way You Sell Homes

Today’s customer doesn’t want to make a good decision, or a great decision either. With so much money at stake, they want to make the Most Perfect Decision™ they can possibly make.

The Value Map® Process assures you will address and bring together everything necessary for this to happen.

What Makes The Value Map® Process Different

The Referral Difference

Referrals are a direct result of your customer’s experience while working with you. The Value Map® process is the “Fuel” that drives an experience your customer will never forget. Once that you’ve helped customers make the “Most Perfect” Decision™ they can possibly make ... they’ll be more than happy to also help you.

The Stand Apart Difference

In today’s world, customers are focused on making the most perfect decision possible. So, it’s not “What you sell” ... but “How you sell” that provides you an undeniable difference. The Value Map® Process allows you to "See" what your customers “See” ... "Feel" what they “Feel” ... and "Know" what they “Know”. This sets you apart, because you have a process that can’t be matched.

The Trust Difference

Customers award their trust to the associate that does the best job of “Diving Deeper” ... and asking the questions that expose Unrecognized Needs, Potential Gains and the Undiscovered, but critical aspects of your customer’s final decision. The Value Map® provides the type of questions you need to ask ... and the sequence to ask them.

The Time Difference

Top performing Realtors ask four times more “Value Questions” than a good, or average sales associate. The right questions, in the right sequence, and at the right time provides the catalyst for your customer to be able to move from “Confused" to "Clear” thinking. Do this, and you've unlocked to door to lower decision risk and a faster, more confident customer decision.

The Value Map® Process

If you create a “Word Picture” of what value means to your customer, you have a reference point for your customers to compare and rate how well their definition of the value matches what you are offering.


Step 1: Create a Value Map®

Your customer defines a “Most Perfect” Decision™ in terms of their everyday life and how they live.

Step 2: Evaluate Alternatives

Your customer uses the definition of their “Most Perfect” Decision™ as the “Anchor Point” to compare ... then rate how well each alternative matches their definition of value.

Step 3: Discuss & Decide

You and your customer use their evaluations and together decide which alternative represents the “Most Perfect” Decision™ they possibly can make.

Have five minutes?

Take a deeper dive into high-ticket selling.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Darlene Tanenbaum
Keller Williams Realty

“For me, it’s always been about adding value to my client’s experience. Certainly everyone else claims to have the same objective. The difference is that the Reimagine Selling process is the proof that separates me from all others. And that translates to more Referrals and amazing Customer Loyalty.”


Christina Calderaio
Better Homes and Gardens

"This thing is big. No, it’s epic. And the things I like about the process ... my customers like too. As fast as the industry is changing, I knew that I had to do more than just keep up." The Value Map® allows me to "Dive Deeper" into the things my clients value most in a new place to live. I couldn't recommend it more."


Janice Hurst
Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty

"I’ve spent the last 20 years hearing the same message repackaged. If you’re looking for a clear direction that makes your client the “Hero of the Story”, you’re in the right place." When I was the National VP of Sales and Marketing for Newmark Homes we used the Value Map® program. I've been a fan since.”


Bob Radenmacher, Kolter Group

Bob Rademacher
President, Kolter Homes

I have no problem saying that there isn’t a sales program as good at producing results … and that there isn’t a person that understands High-Ticket Selling (Homes) as well as Rick.  And I’ve seen them all.

Christian Caswell, CustomerInsight

Christian CaswellFounder, CustomerInsight, Inc.

"I look at at the sales process in a different way.  I see it in terms of HOW a sales process adds value to a customer’s experience.

The  Value Map® selling program is a game changer.

Better said, it’s the breakthrough process that everyone seems to be searching for. I’ve worked with Rick for 15 to 20 years and he has always been years ahead of the curve. Rick’s tag line, “The Future of Homebuilding”, says it all. "

Frankie Franklin, Kolter Group

Frankie Franklin
Kolter Homes, Charlotte

"I've worked for builders for a-number-of years and have seen all the different sales programs. There’s none like the Value Map® Process.

I’ve always sold my share fair of homes, but have been fortunate enough to sell almost 80 homes per year for the last 4 years.  I credit Rick’s process for allowing me to save the time needed to be able to serve my customers in a way my competition will never match.

Now, I’m getting an extra 20-25 sales I might have missed in the past.

Our Mission

To provide the world’s most remarkable High-Ticket selling tools, so that we are able to make a difference in the lives of the Homebuilders and Realtors we serve … So they, in turn, are able to make a difference in the lives of the customers they serve.

Rick started his career selling New Homes and earned Rookie of the Year, followed by Sales Person of the Year awards for a company with well over forty associates. A year later he was the top associate in Denver. Next, Rick worked as Vice President of Sales and Marketing garnering Marketing Director of the Year in two separate Regions before being selected as National Marketing Director of the Year. About the same time, he was invited to attend Value Council meetings at the Strategic Planning Institute. Rick also blogged and was a contributing editor for one of the America’s leading magazines. Rick has worked with hundreds and hundreds of Home Builders, Brokers, Associates and Teams. As a result of Rick’s Value Map process, a nine year study that showed they consistently out-performed their peers in customer satisfaction, loyalty, referrals and sales.


Meet Rick

Rick is a rebel that lives outside the box. And doing that, brings creative, innovative, and cutting-edge programs to an industry determined to color between the lines. When Rick shouted “Focus On the Client,” others were screaming “Focus On The Sale.” And when he advocated “Deeper Connections,” others proposed “Relational Connections.” Now, Rick talks about a client in terms of the “Most Perfect Decision", while others talk about a client in terms of “Solving Problems". So, Rick developed a process that allows you to unpack your customer’s story so that you see what they see, feel what they feel, and speak like they speak. It’s called the Value Map®. And it was born out of the belief that there is a remarkable opportunity Homebuilders and Realtors are missing.



In a 2 Year study, 67% of customers that completed the Value Map® process purchased a home.


After beginning the Value Map® process, associates averaged a 19% first year increase in Sales.


Associates using the Value Map® process produced a 28% increase in customers “More Likely” to refer.


Packages include Performance Reports, Value Gap and Customer Perceived Value Scores



Call For Pricing


1 to 3 AGENTS


$150/mo Per User if paid yearly


4 to 15 AGENTS


$125/mo Per User if paid yearly


16 to 50 AGENTS


$100/mo Per User if paid yearly

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What is the purpose of a Value Map®?

The purpose of a Value Map® is to make your customer more effective and efficient when it’s time to for them make a final decision ... and DECIDE which property represents the “Most Perfect” decision they can possibly make.  The benefit for you is powerful.

If you know what “Most Perfect” looks like to your client, your positioned to advise and consult.  If you don’t … you’re not.

What do you mean when you say, “You’re in the Customer Decision Business”?

Your client’s worst fear is a bad decision. And if that’s the case, they want to do just the opposite and make the “Most Perfect” decision possible. There’s too much money at stake to do otherwise. That means that you and your client need to know what “Most Perfect” looks like to them. And that signals that making a sale (Associate) and purchasing a new place to live (Customer), revolve around your customer’s decision. You both must know what that "Looks Like".

So, if you want a fool-proof way to achieve your goals (referrals and lifetime loyalty), it’s as easy as making first making your customer’s goal (most perfect decision possible) your goal too.

Why does the Value Map® Process cost what it costs?

The Reimagine Selling process, specifically the Value Map is a one-of-a-kind process. And it's not for everyone. It's specifically for those that want to be different and provide a "World Class" experience for their customers/clients. They realize that their process will separate them from all of their competitors. They also understand that customer trust, loyalty and referrals will drastically increase.

You might think of your investment in terms of one sale. All things being equal, it will cost less than 1% of one sale ... per year ...per person. 

How will I benefit if I use the Value Map® Process?

First of all, you’ll differentiate yourself from competitors with a process that benefits your customers. In a world where customers have a hard time deciding which alternative would be best for them, you need to be helping them with what matters most … their decision. Do that, and you will help yourself with:

  • More Sales
  • Less Time to Make a Sale
  • Happier Customers
  • More Referrals

Most of all ... if your company, or personal goal is your customer's experience ... the Value Map® Process will perfectly demonstrate your intention.

Why did you create the Value Map® Process?

I noticed things happening that shouldn’t be … and things not happening that should be. As much as everyone is about their customer ... over time the industry seems to have turned into a “Traffic” and "Deal" business. But let’s take that a step further.

Look at any CRM or training program and the story unfolds. If it isn’t all about generating a Lead ... It’s about nuturing a Lead. And if it isn’t about those things, it’s about discovering the current problem ... presenting a solution and closing the sale. While this might seem like the right thing to do, it really represents the "Number One Sin" when selling a high-ticket product.

I created the Value Map process to address high-ticket selling for both Realtors and New Home Sales Associates. It's meant to set you apart … and take you to the "Next Level" in your relationship with your customer. Simply stated, it's the only process that allows you to help your customer make the “Most Perfect” decision they possibly can make.

Who should be using the Value Map® Process?

The Value Map® is for everyone that knows there’s a next level, but doesn’t know what it is, or how to get there. It’s for the Associates that want to elevate to the "Next Level" in their career and be different than all the rest. And It’s for the Associates that believe “Perfect Decisions” are possible … and won't rest until they help their customers make the “Most Perfect” decision they can possibly make.

Will it be hard for customers that complete a Value Map® on their own?

Not a bit. The system will lead your customers through the process ... step by step. Once complete, the system will signal you that your customer's Value Map® is ready for your viewing.

What happens when you Send a Link for your customer to complete a Value Map® on their own?

The link includes a letter explaining what your customer needs to do to get started. Once they click on the link to begin, The Value Map® process becomes a self-guided tour. It should take customers about 15 minutes … possibly 20 to complete. Once your customer is finished, the Value Map is submitted back to you. You will receive notification when that happens.

How long does it take for you and your customer to complete the Evaluation Process (Step 2)?

It won't take more than about 5 to 10 minutes to complete the Evaluation Process at each property. Your customer only needs to decide how well each priority matches their definition of the “Most Perfect” decision.

How long has the Value Map® Process been around?

The Value Map concept began 20 plus years ago. At first, we asked the Value Map® questions and took notes. Next, we completed the Value Map® process by hand (on a form). For the last 8 to 9 years we have been using a digital Version. First it was 1.0. Next, it was Version 2.0 … and fianlly Version 3. Currently, we have tested this Version for about 6 years and are blown away with the results.

How many clients have experienced The Value Map® Process?

We don’t have the exact number, but not less than 5000 and not many more than 8000 in the last 8 years. We were more interested in the results of the Associates that used the Value Map® Process, and more than that, the experience produced for their customers.

Reimagine The Way You Sell Homes

Be  more than just a tour guide selling a house. Home buyers look to you to help them make the "Most Perfect" Decision™ they can possibly make.

Be a smarter, more empathetic seller, and reimagine selling a property, into selling the “Most Perfect” everyday life.

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