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Do you sell homes?


There's a problem that everyone is ignoring

The industry is using a Low-Ticket sales process to try to sell a High-Ticket product


Research proves
There's a sales
Process difference

between selling a product that costs a lot of money and selling a product that doesn’t cost much money.

Introducing the value map process

the FIRST EVER and ONLY cloud based selling system that will help you help your customers make the ”Most Perfect” decision they can possibly make.

No matter what sales process you currently use

add the Value Map process and turn your current sales process into a High-Ticket selling process.

Customers must have a reference point

our Value Map process helps you help your customers DEFINE VALUE in terms of their “Everyday Life” as they eat, work, play and entertain. Now your customer has a reference point to compare and decide.


Use the value map process and guarantee these benefits

More sales

than you currently make

Faster sales

first meeting to purchase

More referrals

customers love to refer you

Lower training costs

little to
no cost

Save money

less discounts/
incentives needed

Competitive Differentiation

customers love the process difference

Higher scores

your satisfaction scores go up

We have an 8 year proof of
concept in 10 major markets

  • Charlotte
  • Atlanta
  • Orlando
  • Palm Beach
  • Sarasota
  • Port St
  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • Florida Panhandle
  • Charleston
  • Ft Myers

Our mission is to improve other people's lives

You ...
Your Customer ...
and Your Company

A Few Of Our App Screens

Value map with one
Of three priorities

Customers use selection
Screens to define value

Customers evaluate alternatives
Using their value map

Because your customer has shared
You participate in their decision

Use the value map app with
An ipad ... Laptop ... Desktop ... Or
A touchscreen television.

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